“O you who believe! Fear Allah as He should be feared, and die not except in a state of Islam (as Muslims), with complete submission to Allah.” [Quran 3:102]

"Every soul has to experience the taste of death. We test you with both hardships and blessings. In the end you will all return to Us." [Quran 21:35]

The Al-Firdaus Memorial Gardens (AFMG) was developed by the Islamic Waqf of Maryland (IWM). The IWM is a management services organization formed by the Islamic Center of Maryland (ICM), the Islamic Society of Frederick (ISF), and the Islamic Society of Western Maryland (ISWMD). AFMG is a 10-acre block carved out of a 100-acre parcel of land owned by the IWM and is located in Frederick, Maryland. The AFMG project was completed in November of 2008. The AFMG is managed and operated by the IWM.

To make arrangements for burial at Al Firdaus Memorial Gardens, including picking up the body from the place of death (transportation), bathing (Ghusl), prayers (Janazah) and transportation to the cemetery, please:

For questions or comments other than the burial requests and burial process, you can also contact the Chairman of the Waqf's Board of Trustees, M. Nadeem Ahmad at nahmad@icomd.org.

Currently, AFMG provides burial services limited to opening, closing and marking of the graves. In the burial process, a concrete sleeve is used to line the grave and a cover is placed over it. The grave is then filled with earth and landscaped. A standard bronze marker with the name of the deceased, year of birth and death, is placed flush at the head of the grave. Other forms of grave dressings are not permitted.