Q: How do I acquire a burial site?

Burial sites are available for the minimum donation of $750.00 per plot. Application forms may be obtained by contacting the AFMG administrator at 202-486-3257 or via email at icmadmin@icomd.org

Q: What happens after I submit the form to acquire a burial site?

You will be issued certificates granting you burial rights to the plots you have acquired. You can then use these certificates to claim your burial plots in the future.

Q: Who do I contact for transportation, Ghusl, Janaazah prayers and burial services?

You may contact the AFMG administrator at 202-486-3257 or via email at icmadmin@icomd.org. Member organizations (ICM, ISF and ISWMD) are also available to support your needs.

Q: How much does the transportation and funeral services cost?

Depending on the location charges may vary, but typical charges are listed below:

  • $1,800 and above: Transportation from place of death to the cemetery. Paid directly to the funeral home. We can recommend funeral homes that have worked with us.

  • $750: Cost of burial site paid directly to IWM.

  • $2,700: Cost of burial services paid to IWM. This burial services include opening the grave, placing a liner, closing the grave, placing a memorial marker and maintaining the grave site.